Wind farm construction steps: generic timeline infographic

One of the pleasures of fatherhood is the fact that you have quite a lot of extra times during the night – if your kids do not sleep.

Yesterday night has been exceptionally short due to a son diving out of the bed and hitting his head and another who decided that at 6 AM the night was ended.

Therefore I’ve used this extra time to create a timeline with a very generic overview of a small wind farm construction steps.

They can (and do) vary a lot between a project and another. However it should give you a rough order of magnitude of the key steps and the time needed for each of them.

The editable PPT file is available on demand. It’s based on a free template made available by Hubspot (thank you guys!).


3 responses to “Wind farm construction steps: generic timeline infographic”

  1. Nikolay Leuta Avatar
    Nikolay Leuta

    Hi Francesco! Thank you for such a good site with huge details and information about WTG business. I’m just going to be involved in such an area ( as Project Cost and schedule specialist) , so it was great to find your site. Could you send me the file you have mentioned please? “PPT timeline file“ Thank you and all the best! Nikolay.

    1. Cleber Pires Avatar
      Cleber Pires

      Hi, Nikolay. Im a cost and schedule specialist in a wind farm project.
      If you want we can share informations.
      Feel free to contact me.
      best regards
      Cleber (

  2. Arsalan Muhammad Khan Avatar
    Arsalan Muhammad Khan

    Kindly send the files at

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