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My name is Francesco and I'm an engineer specialized in EPC (that is, "turnkey") wind farms projects.

I'm currently based in Hamburg, Germany and I'm developing several interesting  projects all around the world.

In the last 9 years I had the pleasure of working in Europe, Central and South America, Caribbean and Africa.

If you want to get in touch with me please don't leave a comment in the blog (I don't check them very often) - you can use the contact form or contact me via LinkedIn.

You can write me in English, Spanish and Italian.

To find a (somewhat concise) description of my non-wind business activities you can visit my webpage

If you want to know more about my work, here you can download my CV.

Hope you like the blog!


25 thoughts on “About me

  1. HI there,
    I appreciate the efforts you have put in to create this website. Well done. I'd like to stay in touch with you. I have worked in the field of wind power for over 15 years, from initial site identification to wind farm O&M. I am based in Australia.


  2. Hi Fransesco,

    Thanks very much for sharing all this material and precious experience. I am currently doing an internship in a company that develops windfarms and my main task it to draw AutoCAD plans of BoP at early stages of projects to avoid discovering problems after BP.
    So your website is my new Bible!

    Thanks Again


    • Hello Sylvain, thank you!
      Sorry for the ultra - late response but this months I've been very busy with the family (now I've got 2 small kids and I don't have enough free time for the blog).
      I wish you good luck with your company, send me an email if you need any kind of help.
      Ciao, Francesco

  3. Hi from Greece

    I'm a surveyor engineer and I have to thank you for your noteboom trailers! I just wanted to ask you one thing; Does autoturn really use rear wheel drive? Because in vehicle properties I can see that it says "steering: front only". Also, I've checked various videos on Youtube where trucks can perform really tight turns, which I think need more space when simulated with Autoturn.

    Many thanks
    Thessaloniki, Greece

  4. Thank you for the very informative website. I work for a Central America power company. We are developing a wind project in the region and have some concerns with respects to the soil bearing capacity of our project. I wanted to contact you to hear your thoughts on soil improvement methods. Can you please provide me your email so I can send you a brief on the geotechnical studies and hear your recommendations bases on your experience. kind regards.

  5. Hello Sir, Madam,

    I am extremely intrusted working in your organization.I have 12 years experience in wind energy in WIND WORLD INDIA LIMITED as site engineer(Met tower erection and commissioning projects ) During my career I have participated in more than 400 Met tower projects completed in India,

    I enclose my CV .I am eagerly waiting for your response.You can reach me anytime on my mobile number 09662011793 or e-mail me at vijaytandel2007@gmail.com

    Thank you for your valuable time.


    Wind world India limited (Enercon)

    Mobile: +91 9662011793
    Email: vijaytandel2007@gmail.com

  6. Hi

    I am from Thailand and just start working for wind farm only 3 month as Document Control your website give such an useful information and case study.


  7. Ciao Francesco!

    I just wanted to thank you for this very useful website, as it is a goldmine of knowledge for someone who recently started working in the wind industry like me!

    Too bad you don't have the time to update it more often.

    But thank you anyway for your work!



  8. Hi Francesco,

    Thanks for creating this website; very interesting.

    I work in the UK in compliance monitoring and environmental management for large infrastructure projects including windfarms.

    My colleague and I often have engineering and turbine related questions to ask so you might find a number of these heading your way if you don't mind!


  9. Hello Mr. Francesco,

    Myself Sagar Vispute, I am currently working in BoP division of Suzlon Energy Ltd, India. I really appreciate the useful information you shared about Wind Farms. I have already shared your website link with my colleagues.
    We all would like to read more about recent developments in Wind Industry.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sagar Vispute

  10. Hello Francesco! Hope you are doing well
    I recently started my first job in FFC Energy as an electrical engineer. They are operating a 49.5 MW Wind Farm in Sindh, Pakistan. Your website is a lifesaver for me! All the important and key stuff to understanding wind farms in one place! Thanks! 🙂
    Wish you best of luck for your future endeavours!

  11. What do you know about the P&H foundation system? It appears to work well and use less steel and cement thereby making it cheaper to build.

  12. Hello Francesco!
    I´ve recently found your blog while searching for Type certification process and I find it excepcionally interesting! Thank you very much for spreading your experience on wind. It trully helps to the newcomers! Especially beautiful are the pictures on the ground works.
    PS: what about a new post on more in-depth commercial aspects for example in EPC contracts 🙂 ?

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