What do you call it? Basic terminology in wind farm construction

Lately I have found several high quality videos on YouTube with time lapses of wind farms constructions.

I have decided to take some screenshots and use them to create a very basic BoP visual dictionary. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.


Crane and auxiliary crane lifting a steel tower section:

A rotor fully assembled on the ground before erection. It start to be an outdated practice due to current rotors size and weight:

The different areas of a crane pad in a wind farm in Australia (Goldwind’s Cattle Hill):

Main crawler crane and its elements:

A blade lifted by an auxiliary crane. One of the workers is under a suspended load – not a best practice:

Workers completing the anchor cage assembly:

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  1. Ivan Costa Avatar
    Ivan Costa

    Hi Francesco! Big fan of your work!
    Just a quick misunderstood: Vortex Gererator is acctually another blade feature. That one you pointed is a Noise Reduction Serration and you have a good article about it! Thanks!

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