Chinese wind turbines – are they coming?

Well, apparently the answer to this question is “not yet”.
I’ve been through an interesting article from Bloomberg – the  images of this post are taken from the same source.
As you can see, in addition to a new reshuffle in the top 3 (Vestas up again, together with GE), there is another important piece of information: Goldwind (and other Chinese companies such as Guodian United Power) are big but they are selling mainly in China.
European manufacturers have not been able to penetrate the Chinese market, but also the opposite is true.
Nevertheless, maybe the wind is changing: for instance, Envision has been recently awarded 4 wind farms in Argentina.


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  1. Hristo Avatar


    I have been trying to figure out what is preventing the Chinese manufacturers to step up sales outside of their local market – freight costs, inferior technology, poor supply chain or something else.

    As of now, it might be a combination of the aforementioned. I will continue to dig into that.

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