Acronyms in wind farms construction

I’ve been informed by one of my most affectionate reader that some acronyms that I’m using in the blog are not immediately clear.

Therefore I’ve started a first list of the most used ones – special thanks to Janos for helping expanding the list:

AEP Annual energy production.
BoP Balance of plant. All civil (roads, foundations, crane pads) and electrical works (cables, substation, etc.) in the wind farm.
CapEx Capital Expenditures
COD Commercial operation date
COE Cost of energy
EIS Environmental impact sudy
EPC Engineering procurement and construction. A type of contract (also known as “turnkey”)
FIDIC International Federation of Consulting Engineers  (Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils)
HS Health and safety
HV High voltage
IPP Independent power producer
IRR Internal Return Rate
LD Liquidates damages
MLA Mechanical Load Assessment
MV Medium voltage
MW Megawatt
O&M Operation and maintenance
OEM Original equipment manufacturer. Here, the company producing the wind turbine.
OMA Operation and Maintenance Agreement (sames as SMA)
OpEx Operation expenditures
PCC Point of common coupling
PPA Power purchase agreement
RoW Right of way. The legal right to use a certain route.
S&I Supply and installation
S/S Substation
SCADA Supervisory control and data acquisition
SMA Service and Maintenance Agreement (same as OMA)
SoW Scope of work
TSA Turbine supply agreement. The contract between the wind turbine manufacturer and the wind farm developer.
W&S Wind and site. Usually, either the assessment of the wind farm (W&S study) or the department doing it.
WF Wind farm
WTG Wind turbine generator

4 responses to “Acronyms in wind farms construction”

  1. Janos Avatar

    Hello Francesco,
    I would add.

    IRR Internal Return Rate
    MLA Mechanical Load Assessment
    OMA Operation and Maintenance Agreement (sames as SMA)
    SMA Service and Maintenance Agreement (same as OMA)


  2. Vladimir Gorescu Avatar

    Where would we be without acronyms. I sometimes think acronyms are more important in projects than the engineering work itself. Here is my contribution to the ones already on the list:

    BOEM – Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
    CVA – Certified Verification Agency
    RC – Renewables Certification
    TC – Type Certification
    CC – Component Certification
    PC – Project Certification
    OCS – Outer Continental Shelf
    RFF – Request for Feedback

  3. joaquin behncke Avatar
    joaquin behncke

    Hello everyone,

    What about AR?


  4. Sergio Avatar

    Hello guys I would also add

    WPP – wind park project
    NTP – Notice to Proceed
    LNTP – Limited Notice to Proceed
    TAT – Technical Assistance and Training
    VE – Value engineering
    BIM – Building Information Modeling
    IPD – Integrated Project Delivery

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