Blade lifter Goldhofer

Blade lifter in action

I stole these photos from Henry Del Fabbro, who is not only a good friend but also an experienced Tender Manager and Project Manager.
This is an example of a project in which a blade lifter was used.
The model in question was produced by Goldhofer, a german company developing cool transport solutions (check their page).

They have several blade lifter versions – the models in the series are called FTV followed by a number (which if I understand correctly is the lifting torque, as in the FTV 850).

The maximum angle at which they can lift the blade is 60 degrees, and they have a ballast around 20 T.

All major transporters in the wind energy sector (such as the Greek Anipsotiki or the Portuguese Laso) have at least one.
As you can see it is quite impressive.

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