Wind blade special transport: 45 degrees lifter for montainous roads

This is a blade special transport system that I’ve seen used by Enercon, for instance for Europe highest wind turbine in Europe, in Switzerland, but is not so common otherwise.

It is a hydraulic lifter, which allows lifting the wind blade up to approximately 45º.

Doing so it can guarantee important saving on the civil works, above all in mountainous areas where important earthworks have to be realized to reach the wind park.

It has to be used together with a 5 axle low loader, and its price is around 100.000€.

The biggest problem is that in many countries it couldn’t be used on the public roads, due to restriction the maximum height of the load (around 5 meters).

By the way I guess that special permit are granted in some countries (for instance I’ve seen several picture where this solution was used in public roads in Germany and Switzerland).

3 responses to “Wind blade special transport: 45 degrees lifter for montainous roads”

  1. Seb Reid Avatar
    Seb Reid

    Hi Francesco,

    I have been trying to find the manufacturer of this vehicle for some time without any luck. Do you know who the manufacturer is?


    Seb Reid

    1. Francesco Miceli Avatar

      Hello Seb,
      Here in Spain it is made by Industrias Laneko.

      Here you have the contact:

      Natxo Fernandez Roa

      You can contact Traylona (a transport company) as well, they have bought one I think:

      Máximo Beloqui
      Tel: 948 567168

      Regards, Francesco

  2. jerome hsu Avatar

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