Top 5 owners of wind turbines

Ever asked yourself who is buying wind turbines?

There are quite a lot of customers profiles – from tiny companies (or even a couple of farmers joining their strengths and lands in a renewable energy project) to professional developers, factories interested in using the energy produced all the way up in the ladder to the “maxi-macro-utilities”.

Predictably, utilities are the bigger purchaser (and in some cases, producer) of wind turbines.

If you are familiar with the business you will not be surprised by the country appearing more often in the list – they have been in the top 3 market quite a lot of years.


This is the list of the 5 bigger players:


#5: Datang (China, 10 GW). One of the 5 macro utilities providing energy to the Chinese market.

#4: NextEra Energy Resources (USA, 12 GW). Their logo is really ugly, but they own almost 90 wind farms in the States.

#3: Huaneng (China, 12 GW). Another of the famous Chinese utilities.

#2: Iberdrola (Spain, 14 GW). As they own 20% of Gamesa, it’s not a surprise that they work mainly with their WTGs.

And the winner is…

#1: Guodian (China, 21 GW). The state owned company use their own wind turbines (United Power), in the 2.5 MW range.

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