LEGO and Vestas: The unlikely duo

As you probably know if you are in the wind sector both LEGO and Vestas are Danish companies, so it is not a big surprise to discover that several wind turbines related products are produced by LEGO.

Not only the “standard” LEGO City 7747 Wind Turbine Transporter, but even a personalized, limited edition set (known as “LEGO Vestas 4999”) fully working (with battery, not with wind) and with a shining Vestas logo on the nacelle.

It was a Christmas present given to all employees several years ago - unfortunately I was not in the company at that time, so my only alternative is to buy one on eBay, where it is selling between 300 and 400 euros(!).

In the following pictures, an exposition of LEGO wind turbines in a Danish airport in 2010 (I think it was Billund).

There are several scenarios: wind farm in the desert, in the mountain, offshore… very cool.