Generic wind turbines 3D AutoCAD Block

Several WTG AutoCAD block – we’ve done them starting from .KMZ Google Earth files freely available imported using PlexEarth, so I don’t know if they are real models (by the way for sure they are not Vestas, although one looks like an Acciona WTG).

Generic Wind Turbine AutoCAD block

Generic Wind Turbine AutoCAD block 2


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  1. Rukshan Avatar


  2. deebee Avatar


    Do you know about the new 3D exporter of Plexearth?
    I’ve seen some superimpressive results for a solar farm.
    It’s in beta now and they say they give it only to customers. Have you had the chance to test it?

    1. Francesco Miceli Avatar

      Unfortunately I still haven’t had time to test it.
      I’ve a beta version of the last AutoTURN version too – another thing that I’ve to do sooner or later is to try it.
      Ciao, Francesco

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