From blades to cement – the experience of Veolia

A few days ago YouTube’s algorithm correctly has correctly suggested to me to have a link at this video.

Made by Business Insiders is an interesting addition to the theme of wind blade disposal – have a look at my previous post on the topic on how to use blades to make cement.

You will see that first GE has to pay Veolia to get the blades and that subsequently Veolia pays to send the final product to cement factories. This suggest that the technology is not cost effective yet.

I also notice that the video mention that the blades are between 8 and 12 years old. That’s very unusual – the typical life of a wind turbine is 20+ years (some are reaching 30 or even 35 years).

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  1. Sierra C Avatar
    Sierra C

    Thanks, Francesco, for such an exquisite article. I also want to share that the cement produced using wind turbine blades is indistinguishable when it comes to quality from the standard product obtained without using the blades. It can also be sold in the market or used again in wind farms, for example, in wind turbines foundation, closing the loop.

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