Embedded Ring foundations

Embedded ring is one of the 2 solution currently used in onshore wind farm foundations.

Basically is a steel cylinder with several holes: a set of hole all around it to allow radial steel reinforcement bars to cross it and another set of holes for the passage of Medium Voltage cables and the earth copper wire.

This element is lifted with a crane, and it is put on the foundation hole, above the blinding concrete.

Than the topographers levels it, and all around it the steel bars are positioned.

After, the concrete is poured and vibrated, and it is left for several days to let the concrete harden. The top of the embedded ring has several holes that match with the holes in the first segment of the tower: they will be bolted together when the tower is positioned

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  1. […] my experience it seems that old foundations with embedded ring are more prone to fissures compared to the new foundations with anchor […]

  2. Habib Gholami Avatar
    Habib Gholami

    Dear sirs
    After concreting foundation, if you find that flange of embedded ring is not level respect to horizontal level, what will you should to do before installing Towers.
    Can you use adjusting plates between two (embedded and Tower) flanges or what is your suggestion.

    h. Gholami
    Email: gholami.habib@gmail.com

    1. Francesco Miceli Avatar

      Hello Habib – yes, the normal solution is to use leveling plates.
      This was used more with the old (“embedded ring”) foundations – the new WTGs use leveling feet.
      Regards, Francesco

  3. Mehrdad Gholami Avatar
    Mehrdad Gholami

    Dear Sir
    How many wind farm tower is used in a wind farm?
    how much is the resolution of wind speed data? how much is the time period of wind speed recording? is it recorded in one second or one minute? do u know about control strategy that used in wind turbines?
    do u have wind speed profile with secondly resolution for a typical wind farm?
    what do u think about wind speed value in different point of a wind farm? for example if a wind farm include 50 WTGs, so there is at least 5 km distance between the first and last one, so is the speed equal in these two points at each time?

  4. Sam Zimbane Avatar
    Sam Zimbane


    Which foundation is better? A “Slot Mount” foundation or an embedded starter ring foundation? Which applications are either best for?

    1. Francesco Miceli Avatar

      Hello Sam, I am not sure I understand the question. What is a “Slot Mount” foundation?

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