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    1. Karl Avatar

      Dear Sir,

      We are manufacuturer of the wind tower door frame, you have any need just feel free to contact me. We have good quality and competitive price.

    2. Elio Soto Avatar
      Elio Soto


      Do you have any block for
      LTM 1220-5.2 – 070-425 2008 or LTM 1200-5.1 069-745 2008


    3. Soheil Mirzajanian Avatar
      Soheil Mirzajanian

      Hello Frances;

      I just want to express my appreciation regarding your awesome blog and sharing your information.
      I am performing my internship with a german onshore wind developer as a construction and civil engineer. Your information is so helpful, and whenever I have a doubt or a question, firstly I go through your blog and 90% of time I got my answers. Please, share more information, I am really curious to learn more from you.


    4. Alexander Joyce Avatar
      Alexander Joyce

      We supply products that stabilize soils and fill voids beneath concrete structures. They are chemical grouts. Could they be used to support wind towers? Enjoying the site.

    5. Shawn Lou Avatar

      Dear Sir
      We, TBEA Shandong Luneng Taishan Cable Co.,Ltd. have been established since 2003, a China based Cable Manufacturer having our scope of services covers cable and wire production and supply on long-term & short-term basis. We are dealing with the reputed contractors and electric company all around the world that are well known over the major industries and projects. We mainly do support our clients in obtaining the required wire and cables for oil & gas and construction projects with optimum price and delivery.
      Please find below our scope of supply products and attached company profile for your kind reference.
      Bare conductor for transmission Line ( AAC/AAAC/ACSR/ACAR/ACCC,TACSR,etc)
      0.6/1kV Low Voltage Power Cable (PVC/XLPE insulation)
      6kv up to 35kV Medium Voltage Power Cable(XLPE insulation)
      66kv up to 500kV EHV Power Cable( VCV XLPE Type)
      66kv up to 500kV EHV Power Cable(Outdoor Termination, GIS Termination, Joint)
      Rubber insulated Power Cable for Mining, Wind Power Project
      Solar Cable (PV 1-F) For Solar Power Station Use
      We are looking forward to establish healthy business relationship with your prestigious company.
      Your Prompt Reply Is Highly Appreciated.
      Best Regards,

    6. Daniel CB Avatar
      Daniel CB

      Hi Francesco!

      Hope you are doing fine. I’ve recently heard about foundations with hillock. I tried to research a bit about that on the web but could not find anything. Does it sound familiar to you?

      Thank you and keep the high quality work!

    7. Daniel CB Avatar
      Daniel CB

      Hi Francesco!,

      I hope you are doing fine. I was wondering whether you know a blog similar to yours with the same quality content and in-depth details, but focusing on offshore?

      Thanks and keep the hard work!

    8. Darko Ceranic Avatar
      Darko Ceranic

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      We are planning to perform measuring of wind potential on several locations in our country (Montenegro), we will like to know, can you support us with your equipment and services? We have several masts of our own, and we will like to order measuring equipment.

      In hope that you will find this request interesting, we will appreciate your prompt answer.

    9. Julio Avatar

      Hola desde Chile, tengo la grúa liebherr LR 1300 en 3d pero no completa me falta el dereck me puedes ayudar por favor a obtener dicho accesorio en 3d, saludos

      1. Francesco Miceli Avatar

        Hola Julio,
        desafortunadamente no lo tengo, lo siento.
        Un saludo, Francesco

    10. Wim van der Merwe Avatar
      Wim van der Merwe

      How long are the sections of a metmast structure?Asking it for transport puposes please.

    11. Shiko Avatar

      Dear Francesco,
      Thank you immensly to your valuable contribution. The engineers will be forever grateful to your wonderful work.
      Please keep up the valuable content regarding Wind farm civil construction works and processes.
      Best regards.

    12. Mzukisi Samuel Mpemba Avatar
      Mzukisi Samuel Mpemba

      Hi ,

      My name is Mzukisi Samuel Mpemba the owner of startup company by the name Lmizamo Enterprise Pty Ltd from Colesberg , Umsobomvu Municipality in Northern Cape. I am intend to supply and subcontract for these coming projects at Umsobomvu , I have experience in concrete Tower internals , Nacelle cabling , Tower cabling , Base cabling , Base elements and HV Switching.

    13. Malose Geoffrey Mofomme Avatar
      Malose Geoffrey Mofomme

      Using Wireless Connectivity for Wind turbine communications: Are there windfarm projects that are using Wireless connectivity like Mobile Private Network for communications and not using optic fibre networks? I ma based in South Africa and we want to explore the use of MPN for renewable industry

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