AutoTURN special transport Nooteboom vehicle library

Here comes my collection of AutoTURN Nooteboom trucks for wind blades transport.

I’ve created them starting from several drawings, technical documentation and brochures I’ve found trough the years for the Teletrailer and Telestep. Of course I can’t guarantee they are correct, but until now they have worked – no truck has been stuck in a bend.

The main problem you will see if you work with AutoTURN is that you can’t use the reverse direction with this type of vehicle, although in real world situation we use it quite often: for this reason when I need to simulate it I use a standard truck, only “stretched” to the length of a Teletrailer.

The V100 is available in 2 version, with vertical and horizontal (that is, lying) blade as I’ve seen it transported in both ways.

AutoTURN Nooteboom Teletrailer vehicle library

4 responses to “AutoTURN special transport Nooteboom vehicle library”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Excellent comments thanks. I was wondering if you have a library of CAD blocks for those trailers. I am investigating the transportation of 45m blades. Regards.

    1. Francesco Miceli Avatar

      Hello andres, I’ve just added a DWG of the Euro Trailer.
      If you want something in particular let me know.
      Regards, F.

  2. Boris Belfer Avatar
    Boris Belfer

    How do you do that? I have Autoturn and wish to create an entirely new vehicle, with picture (profile).

    1. Francesco Miceli Avatar

      Hi Boris, there is a “create new vehicle tab”. You will need to input the dimentions manually

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