A mind map for BoP

Yesterday while I was traveling to meet my family in Italy I started thinking at how a mind map for the BoP would look like. Luckily the train had a free internet connection and I have found a bunch of website helping you to create a mind map online (for this particular exercise I have used Mindmup).

I was able to draw only the first nodes because I was travelling with the kids and they were unstoppable (and overwhelming noisy). I will try to expand it during the next weeks.

If you want to see the BoP mind map bigger click here.

3 responses to “A mind map for BoP”

  1. Imran Avatar

    Very well described.

    Could you please explain the difference between BOP and TSA please? I am confused with these terms and they almost seem similar to me.

    I was also wondering if you would consider making even a more detailed flow diagram on how the wind farm is completed from development to construction and eventually execution phase? I know that there are lot of phases to cover between the different toll gates but I just thought that it would give the reader a clear understanding of which processes are carried out at different stages of a wind farm.

    Keep sharing your knowledge.

    Thank you!

  2. Francesco Miceli Avatar

    Hello Imran,
    TSA means Turbine Supply (and installation) Agreement, while BoP is the infrastructure (Balance of Plant) around the wind turbines.
    For the workflow maybe this introduction can help you:
    Have a nice day, Francesco

  3. Christian Odileke Avatar
    Christian Odileke

    Hello Francesco,
    I want to first thank you immensely for sharing your astute knowledge. I will also appreciate it immensely if you can recommend some good practical reference materials for Wind Energy Project Management – on both offshore and onshore wind projects.

    I have requested a connection with you on LinkedIn.

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