Nooteboom special trailers PDF and AutoCAD blocks

Royal Nooteboom Trailers is a Dutch company dedicated to special transport: flatbed trailers, low loaders and other amazing wind related vehicles.

They have developed several solutions for the transport of nacelles, tower sections and blades. Among their products, the MEGA wind mill transporter (for towers and nacelles) and the several families of blades trailers.

Nooteboom Teletrailers have an extendable load floor, single, double or triple extendible. They can go from 13,6 closed to 42 meters totally extended, or from16,6 closed to 48 meters totally extended,

Special tailored solutions can be developed for transport of blades over 50 meters.

They allow remote controlled, independent rear wheels steering, a really useful functionality to choose the best trajectory in complicated environments.

One of they last invention is the Tele-Step, specially designed for very long blades (50+ meters), with a peculiar turn table mechanism below the blade that permits movements otherwise impossible.

Another interesting product, the MEGA wind mill transporter, can load and unload the tower or nacelle without the help of a crane. It consists of 2 hydraulically adjustable lift-adapters that can be universally employed on various vehicle types. The lift-adapters are connected to the semi-trailers by means of a turntable, and the load can be rotated up to 80 degrees. The outstanding maneuverability is due to the fact that the swept path covered is determined by the size of the load only and not by the steering behavior of the vehicle. Pretty amazing.

It’s not easy to find technical drawings of their products online, so I’ve decided to share with the rest of the world several PDF / DWG from my private collection.


AutoCAD blocks

Nacelle Trailer (Low Loader)

Nacelle trailer (also called low loader) is one of the special vehicles currently used to carry WTG components from the factory to the wind farm.

His peculiarity is that it’s very low, only a few centimetres above the road: this is to allow transportation on public road, where bridges with a free height of 5 or less meters are common.

The weight of the nacelle is very near to the maximum that can be transported by road: in some cases, for instance with the Vestas V112, the drive train is carried separately from the rest of the nacelle and than it’s assembled on site.

There are even vehicle developed expressly for a wind turbines manufactures, such as the Nooteboom MEGA wind mill transporter developed for Vestas that allow savings as it is possible to load / unload without the use of a crane.

The average low loader has from 6 to 8 wheels, and the platform can be closed after the unload of the nacelle: fully extended the trailer is almost 30 meters, while closed is about 20 meters.