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  • More cranes CAD blocks (but you will have to pay)

    I’ve just been contacted by these guys who run a store selling CAD block for few euros: https://custom3d.com/collections/cranes/ They have several blocks that you could find useful, including some 3D Liebherr blocks. Enjoy!

  • Manitowoc cranes AutoCAD DWG blocks

    Other AutoCAD blocks of cranes that you may find useful. Manitowoc cranes are not very common in europe but they are widely used in the states. Manitowoc 16000 Crane AutoCAD Block Manitowoc 18000 Crane AutoCAD Block

  • Terex Demag cranes AutoCAD DWG blocks

    Here you have my collection of Terex Demag cranes: Terex Demag CC2800 narrow track crane AutoCAD block Terex Demag CC 6800 AutoCAD DWG block More Liebherr cranes here.

  • Liebherr cranes AutoCAD DWG blocks

    My collection of AutoCAD blocks of several Liebherr cranes. Special thanks to Ruben for helping me with the conversion from PDF to DWG. You will find different type of cranes commonly used in wind farm projects: cranes for loading and unloading the wind turbine components, auxiliary tailing cranes, cranes for the pre-erection, main cranes (both…