Month: September 2019

  • Blades installation: more options than you might think

    How are the blades of the wind turbines installed? Although in general each wind turbine model has only one installation procedure, several technical alternatives have been developed through the years. The quicker and easier method is probably to assembly the rotor on the ground. The three blades are connected to the hub and then lifted…

  • Do not trust me: reliance of data in EPCs

    EPC contracts frequently include a clause on the reliance of data. It has several formulations, but it usually looks something like this: “Employer-Provided Information has been made available for reference only. The Employer makes no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness and reliability of any information, data, statement in the Employer-Provided Information.” The objective is…

  • BoP strikes back: the increasing relevance of Balance of Plant

    A key difference between combined cycle plants and wind or solar plants is the CAPEX / OPEX distribution. According on recent data of the American Department of Energy, for a combined cycle plant the CAPEX will be only around 25%, being the overwhelming majority of the investment in operational costs (that is, fuel) and maintenance….