Month: March 2019

  • Long term instrumented monitoring of wind turbine foundations cracks evolution

    Some weeks ago I have discovered that, as I am currently enrolled as a university student (getting “slowly but steady” a second degree in Economics) I have full access to the Elsevier database. This is an enormous amount of information, including all the best scientific papers and technical articles published by industry journals. I am…

  • Over and over and over again: serial defect clause

    The serial defect clause is a warranty frequently requested by customers. It belongs to a classic “tryptic” of warranties allocating risk on the turbine suppliers: General warranty, for defect in design, manufacturing, installation, etc. Power curve warranty Serial defect warranty Generally speaking, a serial defect is a component defective on a significant number of turbines….

  • Transfer of title & transfer of risk

    Transfer of title and transfer of risk are 2 key concepts in wind farms contracts (and, presumably, in many other comparable businesses). They appear in both EPC and Supply Only agreements. This is what they usually means: Transfer of title (ToT): the ownership (of the entire turbine or of one of the component of the…