Month: April 2018

  • Everything fine? Defects Notification Period

    The Defects Notification Period (DNP) is a certain number of day counted from the date of completion of works that allow the customer to notify defects to the Contractor. In the Wind Energy business is usually 12 months, but in principle can be longer (2 years, 5 years, etc.) or shorter. There are also situations…

  • Nabrawind Technologies self erecting tower

    Some years ago I posted an article about a self-lifting wind turbine tower. The idea was to use using heavy lift strand jacks already available in the market to lift the concrete sections of a wind turbine tower. It’s a project developed by Esteyco, a Spanish engineering company. Well, I just discovered that it’s not…

  • Looking for a tender manager BoP

    Looking for a Tender Manager specialized in Turnkey (EPC) wind farms. Ideally expert in wind farm Balance of Plant (roads, foundations, MV cables, substation) and technical and commercial negotiations for all BoP scope of supply. Apply on Linkedin or here:;sid=2ctve7ap88m7y3oy;job_pub_nr=06A416E2-A75E-454C-AB00-5062D288C634;p=homepage;job_pub_type=extern;